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Canned Fruit is named after different materials. The raw material of canned fruit is made from fruits, including yellow peach, apple, lychee, strawberry, hawthorn and so on. The products mainly include canned yellow peaches, canned strawberries, canned oranges, etc.
Whether it is food or canned sterilization, bacteria and bacterial spores will be eliminated, and no bacteria will multiply. However, the possibility of total elimination is not great, and basic sterilization can be achieved, so as to extend the food preservation time as much as possible.
There are also a large number of spores of bacteria and bacteria in the air, etc. The spores of bacteria are like the seeds of trees. They are very skin-resistant and can float with the wind. So the cans are all vacuum sealed.
Preservatives are found in cans, because bacteria can multiply quickly when they are in a suitable environment. Even if there is only one bacterium, it is quickly divided into countless ones because of schizophrenia. Preservatives can effectively inhibit the survival of bacteria, so that a small number of bacteria can not survive, and food storage time is long.
When choosing Canned Fruit, the first thing to look at is the fleshy appearance of canned fruit. The normal canned fruit can not be too uniform in color, golden brown, and a little cyan. The canned flesh of the fake yellow peach is exactly the same and the color looks good. The normal canned broth should be colorless, while the dyed cans are yellow.
The choice of canned strawberries is to look at the soup first. If the soup is very red, it is dyed. If the soup is slightly pink, it is normal. At the same time, the canned strawberry can not be mature and will be relatively small.
Although homemade canned fruit can be used with confidence, it is not suitable for a long time, so it is best to eat it in a short time.
Although the canned fruit is convenient to eat, the nutrient content of the fruit is partially lost during the production process, and the trace elements beneficial to the human body cannot be fully provided.
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