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Fresh Food includes Fresh Red Globe Grape, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Taro, Fresh Sweet Potato, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Carrot, Fresh Honey Pomelo, and so on.
Fresh Taro is rich in nutrients and contains a lot of starch, minerals and vitamins. It is both vegetables and food. It can be cooked, dried or milled. Because the starch granules of Shantou are small, only one tenth of potato starch, the digestibility can reach 98.8%. In the processing of steamed bread, glutinous rice flour and glutinous rice stuffing can be made to prolong the preservation.
[Storage method] Place the steamed bread in a dry and cool place and ventilate it. After eating it, eat it as soon as possible. Because the steamed bread is easy to soften. The steamed bread is not resistant to low temperature, so the fresh steamed bread must not be placed in the refrigerator. When the temperature is lower than 7 °C, it should be stored in a warmer place in the room to prevent decay due to frostbite.
[Taro medicinal] Chinese medicine believes that Shantou has the effects of appetizing for health, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, tonifying qi and kidney, etc. It can cure stomach pain, dysentery and chronic nephritis. According to nutritional analysis, taro contains sugar, dietary fiber, vitamin B group, potassium, calcium, zinc, etc., of which dietary fiber and potassium are the most abundant.
As we all know, Fresh Carrot is not only rich in carotene, but also rich in vitamins B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other vitamins and minerals. Because vitamin B2 and folic acid in carrots have anti-cancer effects, regular consumption can enhance the body's ability to fight cancer, so it is called "vegetables to prevent cancer." A study by American scientists shows that eating carrots can prevent lung cancer.
Carrots also contain an enzyme that breaks down vitamin C, vitamin C oxidase, so carrots and white radish rich in vitamin C can make the nutritional value of white radish greatly reduced. However, when cooking carrots and white radishes, add a small amount of vinegar to protect vitamin C from damage. The Japanese vinegar that is often eaten during the Chinese New Year is a reasonable and nutritious side dish.
We're professional fresh food manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing canned and freeze dried FD fresh food, as well as various extracts and powders. Welcome to place orders with our factory.
  • Fresh Red Globe Grape

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    Fresh Red Globe Grape

    Fresh Red Globe Grape * Processing: Washing, choosing, packing * Place of Origin: China * Taste: Sweet * Shape: Round * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg/Foam Box * Size: 16-18mm, 18-20mm, 20-22mm * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Green Grape

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    Fresh Green Grape

    Fresh Green Grape * Processing: choosing, packing * Place of Origin: China * Taste: Sweet * Color: Green * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg/Foam Box * Size: 10-16mm * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Lemon

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    Fresh Lemon

    Fresh Lemon * Place of Origin: China * Packaging: 15kg/CTN * Size: 80/88//100//105/113/125/138/150/165 * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Taro

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    Fresh Taro

    Fresh Taro * Place of Origin: China * Size: 40-60g, 60-80g, 80-100g, 100g up * Packaging: 10kgs/CTN, 20kgs/Mesh Bag *Supplying Period: The Whole Year

  • Fresh Sweet Potato

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    Fresh Sweet Potato

    Fresh Sweet Potato * Place of Origin: China * Size: 50-400g * Packaging: 10kgs/15kgs/20kgs/CTN/Mesh Bag

  • Fresh Potato

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    Fresh Potato

    Fresh Potato * Place of Origin: China * Size: 80-150g, 100-150g, 150-200g, 200g up * Packaging: 10kgs/CTN, 20kgs/Mesh Bag *Supplying Period: The Whole Year

  • Fresh Ginger

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    Fresh Ginger

    Fresh Ginger * Place of Origin: China * Size: 100-150g, 150g-200g, 200-250g, 250g up * Packaging: 10kgs/20kgs/CTN/Mesh Bag * Color: Light Yellow * Supplying Period: The Whole Year * MOQ: 23Tons/1*Container

  • Fresh Garlic

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    Fresh Garlic

    Fresh Garlic * Place of Origin: China * Size: 4.5-6.5cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0-6.5cm, 6.5cm up * Packaging: 1. Loose packing: 10kgs/20kgs/CTN; 10kgs/20kgs/Mesh Bag 2. Small packing: a) 1kg/bag, 1kg x 10bags/carton b) 500g/bag, 500gx20bags/carton c) 250g/bag, 250g x...

  • Fresh Carrot

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    Fresh Carrot

    Fresh Carrot (Fresh Red Carrot) * Processing: Washing, Choosing, Packing * Place of Origin: China * Color: Red * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg /CTN * Size: S:80-150g; M:150-200g; L:200-250g; 2L:250-300g; 3L:300-400g * MOQ: 28Tons/1Container

  • Fresh Carrots

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    Fresh Carrots

    We supply Fresh Carrots good quality with competitive price.

  • Fresh Honey Pomelo

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    Fresh Honey Pomelo

    Fortop Fresh Honey Pomelo from Pinghe county, Zhangzhou City. The honey pomelo output from here, was registed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization ) and China National Geographical Inidcation Production. The special acid soil and...

  • Fresh Mandarine Orange

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    Fresh Mandarine Orange

    Fresh Mandarin Orange has very thin and smooth skin, easy to peel by hand.Fresh Mandarin Oranges mature earliest in Mid-August and harvest throughout the whole Autumn. The pulp is sweet and juicy.Fresh Mandarin Orange is rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, etc....

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