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  • Fresh Red Globe Grape

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    Fresh Red Globe Grape

    Fresh Red Globe Grape * Processing: Washing, choosing, packing * Place of Origin: China * Taste: Sweet * Shape: Round * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg/Foam Box * Size: 16-18mm, 18-20mm, 20-22mm * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Green Grape

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    Fresh Green Grape

    Fresh Green Grape * Processing: choosing, packing * Place of Origin: China * Taste: Sweet * Color: Green * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg/Foam Box * Size: 10-16mm * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Lemon

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    Fresh Lemon

    Fresh Lemon * Place of Origin: China * Packaging: 15kg/CTN * Size: 80/88//100//105/113/125/138/150/165 * MOQ: 1 Container

  • Fresh Honey Pomelo

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    Fresh Honey Pomelo

    Fortop Fresh Honey Pomelo from Pinghe county, Zhangzhou City. The honey pomelo output from here, was registed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Culture Organization ) and China National Geographical Inidcation Production. The special acid soil and...

  • Fresh Mandarine Orange

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    Fresh Mandarine Orange

    Fresh Mandarin Orange has very thin and smooth skin, easy to peel by hand.Fresh Mandarin Oranges mature earliest in Mid-August and harvest throughout the whole Autumn. The pulp is sweet and juicy.Fresh Mandarin Orange is rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, etc....

  • Fresh Apple

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    Fresh Apple

    Fresh Apple (Fresh Fuji Apple, Fresh Red Fuji Apple, Fresh Green Apple) * Processing: Washing, Choosing, Packing * Place of Origin: China * Taste: Sweet * Shape: Round * Packaging: 9kg, 10kg, 18kg, 20kg/CTN * Size:...

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