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Dried Bolete

Boletus edulis,penny bun, cep, porcino or porcini) is a basidiomycete fungus, and the type species of the genus Boletus. The fungus grows in deciduous and coniferous forests and tree plantations, forming symbiotic ectomycorrhizal associations with living trees by enveloping the tree's underground roots with sheaths of fungal tissue. The fungus produces spore-bearing fruit bodies above ground in summer and autumn.

Products Specification:

Product Introduction of the Dried Boletes

Boletus contains 8 essential amino acids the human body can be used as medicinal, it not only can treatment of low back pain, hand, foot numbness, limbs twitch, but also anti-influenza virus, prevent and treat colds. Often eat boletus can significantly enhance the body immunity, and improve the body microcirculation.

Product Specification of the Dried Boletes

* Drying Process: Air Drying

* Shape: Slices, Broken Slices, Whole

* Color: Brown, White

* Shelf Life: 12 months 

* Place of Origin: China 

* Packing: Food PE Bag+Carton, 10kg/carton, 20kg/carton, or small bag package as demand 

* MOQ: 20kg

* Delivery Time: 10 Days 

* Delivery  Way: For urgent and small order, we can ship by air. For large quantity, by sea is the best choice.

The Process of Dried Bolete

Removing Muddy Roots -- Washing and Cleaning --Heat Drying/ Natural Drying -- Selecting and Packing -- Storage

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boletes.jpg  bolete slices.jpgbolete slices.jpg

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