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Healthy Organic Black Fungus

Healthy Organic Black Fungus

Advantages of compressed black fugus: * light enough to carry * conserve space * quickly using

Products Specification:

* Product Introduction of Healthy Organic Black Fungus

Black fungus can improve body resistancec, nourishing the stomach and promoting blood circulation and other functions, it can anti-clotting, anti-thrombosis, hypolipidemic, the role of black fungus to reduce blood viscosity, soften blood vessels, smooth blood flow and reduce cardiovascular disease . Black fungus also has a strong adsorption, regular consumption is conducive to the body of garbage generated in time excreted. Black fungus on gallstones, kidney stones also have better function of decomposition, the role of black fungus because it contains plant alkaloids to promote digestive tract, urinary tract secretions of various gland characteristics, plant alkaloids can cooperate with these secretions catalytic stones , Lubricate the intestine.

* Product Specification of Healthy Organic Black Fungus

Type: Fungus

Style: Dried

Moisture: 13% max

Part: Whole

Size: Cap 1-1.8cm, 1.8-2.5cm, >2.5cm, >3.5cm

Taste: Smooth and Crispy

Drying Process: Air Drying

Color: Black, Brown Black

Grade: Grade AAA, Grade AA and Grade A Black Fungus

* Delivery Time: 10 Days 

* Delivery  Way: For urgent and small order, we can ship by air. For large quantity, by sea is the best choice.

* Product Packing of Healthy Organic Black Fungus

a. Small bags: 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, etc               

b. Bulk packaging: 10-25kg per carton lined with food grade plastic bag                

c. Other kinds of packaging as per customer's request

Carton Size    (S)53*43*47CM , (M)57*44*55CM, (L)65*44*56CM

* Organic Black Fungus Show


1. Q: How can I choose the suitable healthy organic black fungus for our market?

   A: We have professional salesperson, they will make appropriate recommendations and provide the exact purchase plan according to your demand.

2. Q: Can I get some samples?

   A: Sure, it's our honor to offer FREE SAMPLES to you.

3. Q: What is the delivery time?

   A: It's about 25-30 days after confirm order. 

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