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Freeze-drying foods are better than VF

VF vacuum cryogenic dehydration technology:

To vegetable chips as an example, most of the markets are still using low-temperature vacuum frying technology, due to its processing temperature is low, time is short, thus preserving the flavor of the original fruits and vegetables and most of the nutrients. However, vacuum-fried fruit and vegetable chips oil content is still above 10%, not only increase the cost, not easy to save, and long-term consumption is unfavorable to human health.


FD freeze-drying technology:

FD freeze-drying is based on low-temperature freezing its way to dehydration,keep frozen state, use vacuum sublimation of the ice into the steam and discharged, thereby prolapse excess water. Since it is dehydrated at a low temperature, the quality of the food is better than the low temperature frying technique. The shape and size of the objects are basically the same, which can retain the color, odor, traits and nutrients of the original articles or foods to the maximum extent. The low moisture content involved in the storage does not generally cause changes in the water-soluble ingredients.

FORTOP FOOD freeze-drying vegetables and fruits