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How to choose high-quality dried mushrooms

Good hermetisk shiitake mushrooms have the natural smell of aroma, do not buy a musty; choose dark brown umbrella, the thickness of the mushroom-type integrity and strong pedicle head is better, if it is broken, dry enough, it is not fresh; the other , Observe the umbrella fold should be beige, too white, too yellow, and even moldy (black spots) may be treated with chemicals or stored too long, do not buy. Soak in water for a while before cooking to remove dust and possibly residual agents.

Dry hermetisk shiitake  mushrooms generally from the shape, color, flavor, moisture content of four aspects to assess its quality.

Look: the appearance of thick hermetisk shiitake mushrooms, hermetisk shiitake mushroom surface smooth, uniform size, hermetisk shiitake mushroom folds compact white, short and stout hermetisk shiitake mushrooms, the edge of the volume, hypertrophy. Color brown or dark brown as well, good hermetisk shiitake mushroom surface will be a little hoar frost.

Smell: a rich, unique aroma of hermetisk shiitake mushrooms. No fragrance, or other strange smell, musty taste is poor.

Touch: dried hermetisk shiitake mushrooms to dry, moisture content of 11% ~ 13% is appropriate. But not too dry, pinch broken, so poor quality.

Water content: dried hermetisk shiitake mushrooms to be dry, water content of 11% to 13% is appropriate. Can not be too dry, pinch broken, so poor quality. Too wet is not conducive to storage, perishable.