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How to choose the good quality black fungus ?

Black fungus taste delicious, comparable with animal food, known as "the meat of vegetables"

Its iron content is 5 times than pork liver, which can nourishing hair beauty, prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia; rich in cellulose can promote gastrointestinal motility and reduce fat absorption.

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How to choose the good quality black fungus ?

Here has four aspects of testing:

See: high-quality black fungus was dark black, slightly extended aural flap, black and glossy dull face, back dark gray, no clumping; slightly smaller or moderate size, a little volume of the ear flap, dull black but dull medium ; Small and fragmented flower, ear volume, thick or stiff, was the most gray or brown. Some unscrupulous traders use pigments to "process" the black fungus, soak it in water and quickly turn black.

Pinch:high-quality fungus moisture content is very low. Feel light in your hand and crush easily by your hands.

Smell: fresh black fungus no sour, stinky smell. Stored for a long time, because of protein, fatty degeneration have sour gas or other peculiar smell. If musty, that has been damp, degenerate. Tremella if burnt taste, may be over-dried in processing, although edible, but the quality, flavor is poor. 

Taste: pure fungus, light licking no smell. Some unscrupulous traders will use alum, alkaline water or sugar water immersion fungus, in order to increase weight. Buy, you can lick the fungus back, if there is astringency, base, sweet, or spicy, spicy taste, indicating that after the additional "processing", poor quality.