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The shelf life of the major teas

China is a big tea country, and tea is divided into six categories according to the types. Do you know the shelf life of the six major teas?


Green Tea

In general, shelf life of green tea is about 1 year at room temperature. Of course, if you have a refrigerator dedicated to storing green tea, the shelf life can be extended to about 18 months.

Black Tea

Black tea is all fermented tea, its shelf life is relatively long, you can save more than 2 years. However, in general, even if the preservation is more appropriate, more than 2 years will have the phenomenon of smell, so try not to wait until after 2 years to drink.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, generally put in the refrigerator if it is about 18 months. And those who baked, like Wuyi Yancha that even if two years can still drink.

White Tea

"1 year tea, 3 years medicine, 7 years treasure", white tea has the characteristics of  the longer it preserved the more fragranter it has, the longer the year of storage value and taste does not fall, of course, this refers to the case of properly stored, improper preservation, then the best tea Also into the slag.

Dark Tea

Dark tea also has the characteristics of  the longer it preserved the more fragranter it has,, in the clean, moisture-proof, odor-free environment, long-term preservation. However, after the post-fermentation, there is no limit to the potential of Puhe white tea. Generally speaking, the taste of loose tea has reached the best level in three to five years. When the tea is squeezed, it will be about 10 to 15 years. There is not much room for appreciation.

Yellow Tea

 Its shelf life about 1 year.