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What is benefit of red mushroom?

Red mushroom unique flavor, fragrant and refreshing. Its taste is incomparably sweet compared to any mushroom; it contains a variety of essential amino acids and other ingredients. With the treatment of cancer, especially lung cancer, waist and leg pain, numbness of hands and feet, bones and discomfort, limb twitching and blood, Yin, detoxification and treatment of anemia, edema, malnutrition and maternal bleeding and other diseases, but also has increased immunity And anti-cancer and other effects, regular consumption, can make the skin smooth, energetic, longevity. Ming and Qing dynasties, before the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, the local government will send escort a group of red mushrooms to Kyoto tribute, so well-known.

Red mushroom nutrition analysis:

1. Russula contains protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, and contains other foods rare niacin, trace elements iron, zinc, selenium, manganese and so on.

2. Containing a variety of essential amino acids and other ingredients, Ziyin, kidney, lungs, blood circulation, brain, beauty and other effects, regular consumption, to physical fitness, longevity.

3. Red mushroom contains protein, about 25% is soluble in water, about 50% can be digested and absorbed, only about 25% can not be absorbed by the body.

4. At the same time it contains polysaccharides anti-cancer substances, is conducive to blood circulation, reduce blood cholesterol, inhibit cancer cell metastasis, red mushrooms, stewed eggs and other eating more significant effect, while the treatment of acute spinal optic neurosis also have a certain Efficacy,

5. Can also prevent indigestion, children stupid, can improve the normal sugar metabolism and immune function, is conducive to reducing maternal lactation, anemia, cancer, etc., is a special therapeutic value of natural foods.

Red mushroom mycelia can not be separated, so far can not be cultivated, rare day. Its bar is not the same with other mushrooms, not only not brittle, but also with toughness. Picking mushrooms when using bamboo sticks or other tools into the bottom to pry it. Red mushrooms are generally clustered, the mountain snake often salivary stained with mushrooms, in order to avoid poisoning, fresh mushrooms should be set to rice at the same time, if the rice is blue, mushroom poisonous, discarded the no food, but can be roasted Dried red mushrooms non-toxic;