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Is Fresh Food Better Than Canned Food?

Canned food has been able to long-term storage without deterioration, fully benefited from a sealed container and strict sterilization, nothing to do with a preservative. Canned is not mysterious, canning principle is very simple: first the raw material is heated sufficiently to kill all microorganisms; while the cans full heat sterilization; and then loaded into a sterile aseptic food containers, hot sealing; and finally sterilized by heating, cooling, air inside the container head space volume shrinkage will produce negative pressure, the original seal of the bottle is more open, and outside of the bacteria can not go. After these steps, the natural foods will not corrupt and does not need to add any preservatives.


In fact, many people have home-made tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, canned experience of this industry and we do Canned tomatoes are about the same. But home made canned and different is the quality of canned tomato producers, most of them have their own raw material supply base. Therefore, to guarantee access to the freshest raw tomatoes in tomato ripe season. At the same time, home made tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, heating time and process conditions can not be controlled to the optimum, and reputable big companies whose large-scale production, can better understand the quality and safety of food canned tomatoes.


In addition to more secure, Canned tomatoes even more "fresh" than fresh tomatoes. While it is easy to get around shipped "fresh tomato", but they just look fresh, nutrient loss, but constantly. Because any fruits and vegetables after harvest are continuing to "breathe", some nutrients will continue to decrease. The Canned tomatoes are picked up from raw materials to processed whole process is not more than six hours, high temperature heat treatment can stop or slow down the chemical reactions nutrient losses and maintain food freshness and nutrition. So, instead of long-distance transport or greenhouses "fresh" tomatoes, canned tomatoes is more fresher.