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Japan A Canned Saury For Company Fraud As A Blue-and-white Fish Exported To The Middle East

Beijing, March 4, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's Chiba Prefecture choshi city called "tin can" fish processing company, its 2014 and export about 3 million blue-and-white fish pickling can, with mackerel ingredients still under delivery.

Reportedly, even canned, more than half of the contents of the saury is used when you send is not indicated on the ingredient list of saury.

The company said in an interview with Japanese media "when the mackerel are in short supply, in order to give priority to ensuring the shipments, use mackerel instead of raw materials. To purchase and consumers are deeply sorry.

According to the company, the mixed saury product called "MADKHANAH", a Middle East-oriented output of canned mackerel salted (1 jar net weight 95 g). Cut up the fish is flaky, consumers with only the naked eye it is difficult to distinguish between mackerel and saury. It is reported that this can in Yemen and other Middle East countries, are used for cooking soups and salad ingredients.

The company in 2015 by Japan Nagano a food wholesale company, became its subsidiary. At that time, wholesale company has carried out an internal investigation and discovered that mixing saury facts. It is learnt that in 2014, shipments of about 16 million cans, there are about 3 million cans of mackerel ingredients have been added.

At present, the company involved has passed the company apologized to stock companies in the Middle East. And the award was paid to reach a settlement. It is understood that the company also made the former Director of internal action such as demotion.