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Season Product--Canned Fishes

The closed fishing seasons is finished,  fisherman could go finshing.
Our factory will start mass production the Canned Fishes----Canned Sardine, Canned Mackerel, Canned Tuna...
Rich fresh raw material with nice price, please do not miss this good chance.


Sardine has a staggering nutritional value. 

A canned sardines like a nutrient-rich power station, it rich in phospholipids, the OMEGA-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the production of triglycerides (causing harmful fatty acids in thrombosis) It not only can reduce blood pressure but also slow down the atherosclerotic speed. 

Phospholipids have a beneficial effect on fetal development in the brain.

Sardines also contain large amounts of calcium, especially in fish bones. Canned sardines are very soft and can be eaten safely.


Mackerel fish meat can be used as medicine, taste of Gan Ping, it is nourishing and not only make body more stronger, and also treat chronic gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis injury, neurasthenia and so on. Mackerel heart containing cytochrome C, vitamin C and so on, gastric mucosa containing hyaluronidase, vitamin B1.


Tuna as a nutrition, healthy modern food highly respected. It is more and more popular in many countries such as Europe and the United States , now let's see the ten advantages as follows:

1.  Tuna is health food that can make female beauty and lose weight 

2.  To protect the liver, strengthen the liver function

3.  To prevent atherosclerosis

4.  To reduce effectively the cholesterol content

5.  To activate brain cells, promote the internal activities of the brain

6.  To prevent effectively iron deficiency anemia

7.  To provide the necessary amino acids 

8.  To contribute the body's metabolism, especially is the nice food choice for growing children

9.  To maintain the body of normal water standards

10. Tuna is the best companion for green vegetables