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What Is The Benefit Of Pumpkin Seeds ?

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Pumpkin seeds are very good to kill the human body parasites (such as pinworms, hookworms, etc.) role. Schistosome larvae also have a good killing effect, is schistosomiasis diet Jiapin. Eat 50 grams per day about fried pumpkin seeds, can effectively prevent prostate disease, which is due to pumpkin seeds rich in fatty acids, the prostate can maintain good function. Contains the active ingredient can eliminate the initial swelling of prostatitis, as well as the role of prevention of prostate cancer. It is rich in pantothenic acid and can relieve rest angina and has antihypertensive effect.

Our company has 

1. Shine Skin Pumpkin Seed Kernel
2. Snow White Pumpkin Seed
3. GWS Pumpkin Seed Kernel
4. Snow White Pumpkin Seed Kernel
5. GWS Pumpkin Seed
6. Shine Skin Pumpkin Seed

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