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Blackcurrants Powder

Blackcurrants Powder
100% Natural Blackcurrant Extract Powder
5%-25% Anthocyanidin
Red to Purple
Free sample, no additive
QS, GMP production

Products Specification:

Specification of  Blackcurrants Powder

* Drying Process: Air Drying (AD) or Freeze Drying (FD)

* Place of Origin: China

* Additive & Preservative: None

* Shelf Life: 24 months

* MOQ: 500kgs

* Delivery: by sea or by airport

* Size of Blackcurrants Powder


100% Blackcurrants


particle size: 40-120 mesh, or as per clients  requirements;

moisture: 5%;

purity: 100%


A: 1kg/ aluminum foil bag, carton outside;

B: 25kg/ fiber drum;

C: as per clients  requirements

* Attribute of Blackcurrant:

Blackcurrant is globose, its juice is transparent purple gem red.

Blackcurrant can help people heal heart problems because it contains potassium. It could control high blood pressure,dizziness, seasickness as provides relaxation to thoughts and body. It reduces mental stress and depression.

Blackcurrant is one of the ideal health food. Because blackcurrants contain rich vitamin C, P, Mg, K, Ca, anthocyanin and Polyphenols, a variety of biological flavonoids, amino acids, 30 kinds of mineral elements ,alcohols, esters, and a variety of vitamins,such as vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin C,etc.,especially the highest content of vitamin C and vitamin PP.

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