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Organic Mulberry Powder

Organic Mulberry Powder

Factory Supply Organic Mulberry Powder Mulberry Powder Function and Usage 1.Mulberry Powder is an ancient Chinese Herbalfor anti-inflammation, anti-aging and maintaining health. 2.Mulberry Powder is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and DNJ (1-Deoxynojimycin). 3.Mulberry Powder has strong effect on regulating blood fatbalancing blood pressure, reducing blood glucose, and promoting metabolism.

Products Specification:

Product Intorduction of Organic Mulberry Powder

Fresh mulberries contain 88% water and only 60 calories per cup (140 grams).By fresh weight, they contain 9.8% carbs, 1.7% fiber, 1.4% protein and 0.4% fat. Mulberries are often consumed dried, similar to raisins. When dried, they contain 70% carbs, 14% fiber, 12% protein and 3% fat, which makes them fairly high in protein, at least compared to most berries.


Product Specification of Organic Mulberry Powder

* Drying Process: Air Drying (AD) or Freeze Drying (FD)

* Place of Origin: China

* Additive & Preservative: None

* Shelf Life: 24 Months

* MOQ: 500kgs

* Delivery: By Sea or By Airport

Product Size of Organic Mulberry Powder


100% Mulberry


particle size: 40-120 mesh, or as per clients  requirements;

moisture: 5%;

purity: 100%


a: 1kg/aluminum foil bag, carton outside;

b: 25kg/fiber drum;

c: as per clients  requirements

* Application of Powder:

Powder could be used for medicine and health products, health food, infant food, solid beverages, dairy products, convenience food, baked goods, snack food, cold drinks, hot drink, puffed food, spices, middle-aged food and so on.

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