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Water Melon Powder

We produce our honeydew melon juce powder with the high quality honeydew melon as raw material and the advanced spray drying technology. The honeydew melon flavor is kept greatly. Our honeydew melon juice powder contains a variety of vitamins and acids. It is powder,good liquidity,better taste, easy to dissolve and preserve.

Products Specification:

Product Introduction of Watermelon Powder


Pure flavor, original taste and flavour

Instant,100% water soluble

Without any addtive,preservatives and pigment  


Main Function

1. Dietotherapy role

2. Widely used in healthy product, healthy nutrition ,baby food

3. Widely used in Beverage, Dairy ,Instant food 

4. High physiological active ingredients, and 90% of Vitamins 

Product Specification of Watermelon Powder

* Drying Process: Air Drying (AD) or Freeze Drying (FD)

* Place of Origin: China

* Additive & Preservative: None

* Shelf Life: 24 Months

* MOQ: 5kgs

* Delivery: By Sea or By Airport

Product Size of Watermelon Powder


100% Watermelon


particle size: 40-120 mesh, or as per client  requirements;

moisture: 5%;

purity: 100%


a: 1kg/aluminum foil bag, carton outside;

b: 25kg/fiber drum;

c: as per client  requirements

* Nutritional Value of Watermelon:

Watermelon fruit supplies 30 calories and low amounts of essential nutrients in a 100 gram serving. Only vitamin C is present in appreciable content at 10% of the Daily Value. Watermelon fruit contians 91% water, 6% sugars, and is low in fat.

* Application of Powder:

Powder could be used for medicine and health products, health food, infant food, solid beverages, dairy products, convenience food, baked goods, snack food, cold drinks, hot drink, puffed food, spices, middle-aged food and so on.

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