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Tea Powder uses the instant pulverization method to pulverize into more than 600 mesh tea powder to maximize the original natural green color and nutrients and pharmacological ingredients of the tea. It does not contain any chemical additives. Instant tea is a kind of instant soluble in water. Solid drink tea. Instant tea has two types: pure tea and full of irrelevant materials. Pure tea is usually instant black tea, instant oolong tea, instant jasmine tea.
Tea Powder is a pure natural tea steamed ultrafine powder that is instantly pulverized into 400 mesh or more after being treated with high temperature steam and green tea leaves, to maximize the original color and nutrition and pharmacological composition of the tea. Any chemical additive, in addition to direct drinking, can be widely added to all kinds of noodles (cakes, bread, noodles, biscuits, tofu); frozen products (cream, ice cream, frozen dumplings, ice cream, yogurt); candy chocolate, melon seeds In the special filling materials for moon cakes, medicines and health products, daily chemical products, etc., in order to strengthen the nutrition and health effects, different teas can be made into different tea powders, and the same tea production process is different, and there will be great differences.
Green tea powder is currently the most common. The development and application of green tea powder is a leap in the history of Chinese tea science and is a revolution in the way people drink traditional tea. It changed people's tea drinking to eat tea, can more fully absorb the rich bio-health ingredients in tea, and better play its health value. Because it can be eaten without high-temperature brewing, it can even be used as food additives, seasonings and natural pigments, thus forming a multi-purpose tea new product.
It cannot be said in general that tea powder can not be directly drunk, mostly used for food seasoning, but it can also be directly consumed, but there will be residue after soaking. The processing of ultra-fine tea powder is a physical process, that is, through physical means. Smash the tea.
The matcha we often see is also ultra-fine tea powder, but its requirements for raw materials and processing technology are higher. It is a traditional tea variety and has a good reputation. It can be regarded as a high-grade ultra-fine green tea powder.
We're professional tea powder manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing canned and freeze dried FD tea powder, as well as various extracts and powders. Welcome to place orders with our factory.
  • Slimming Tea Extract

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    Slimming Tea Extract

    Slimming Tea Powder / Slimming Tea Extract / Slimming Tea Extract Powder

  • Jasmine Tea Extract

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    Jasmine Tea Extract

    Jasmine Tea Powder / Jasmine Flower Tea Powder / Tea Extract Packaging Details: 0.5kg*20can/Carton, 0.5kg*50 bag/BarrelL Delivery Detail: 3-7 days Purity: 100%

  • Kidney Tea Extract

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    Kidney Tea Extract

    Kidney Tea Powder / Tea Powder / Kidney Tea Extract Powder from Factory * Functions Orthosiphon Stamineus Is A Traditional Herb That Is Widely Grown In Tropical Areas. The Two General Species, Orthosiphon Stamineus "purple" And Orthosiphon Stamineus...

  • Burdock Tea Extract

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    Burdock Tea Extract

    Burdock Tea Powder / Herbal Tea / Burdock Tea / Burdock Root Extract Powder * Use Part: Root * Packaging Details: 1.1~10kg/Bag,Double Plastic Bags Inside,Aluminum Foil Bag Outside . 2.25kg/Drum,Double Plastic Bags Inside * Place Of Origin: China * MOQ: 500kgs * Delivery: By...

  • Asparagus Tea Extract

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    Asparagus Tea Extract

    Asparagus Tea Powder / Instant Asparagus Tea Powder / Water Soluble Asparagus Extract * Form: Powder * Place Of Origin: China * Shelf Life: 24 Months * MOQ: 500kgs * Delivery: By Sea Or By Airport * Specification:

  • Loosing Tea Extract

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    Loosing Tea Extract

    Loosing Tea Powder / Loosing Tea / Tea Extract

  • Puer Tea Extract

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    Puer Tea Extract

    Puer Tea Powder / Pure Tea Extract / Tea Extract Powder

  • Tikuanyin Tea Extract

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    Tikuanyin Tea Extract

    Tikuanyin Tea Powder / Tikuanyin Tea Extract / Tikuanyin Tea Extract Powder * Place Of Origin: China * Additive & Preservative: None * Material: Fresh Tikuanyin Tea * Shelf Life: 24 Months * MOQ: 500kgs * Delivery: By Sea Or By Airport * Specification:

  • Jinjunmei Extract

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    Jinjunmei Extract

    Jinjunmei Powder / Jinjunmei Tea Powder / Jinjunmei Tea Extract * Place of Origin: China * Additive & Preservative: None * Material: Fresh Chunmee Tea * Shelf Life: 24 Months * MOQ: 500kgs * Delivery: By Sea or By Airport * Specification:

  • Dahongpao Extract

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    Dahongpao Extract

    Dahongpao Powder / Dahongpao Extract / Tea Powder * Partical Size: 100% Through 80 Mesh * Specification: 20%, 50%, 95% * Test Method: UV * Molecular Formula: C17H19N3O * Appearance: Fine Yellow Powder * Package: 25kg/Paper-Drums Or Aluminum Foil Bags, Customized Pack Accept....

  • Rock Tea Extract

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    Rock Tea Extract

    * Name: Rock Tea Powder / Rock Tea Extract / Rock Tea Extract Powder * Packaging Details: 10kg/Bag, 2 Bags/Carton, Two PE Bag Inside, Carton Outside. Net Weight: 20kg/carton Gross Weight:21.5kg/carton Size Of Carton:60cm*40cm*22m * Delivery Detail: 15 days After Confirm The...

  • Organic Black Tea Extract

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    Organic Black Tea Extract

    Instant Black Tea Powder is extract from organic tea leaf.Comparing with tea leaf for beverage industry,it is easier to handle without the process of extraction from tea. It may guarantee the stability on the quality of tea drink and is suitable for tea producer to develop...

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